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Northstar Electronics, Inc. is a Delaware incorporated company, working in the aviation, defense, and marine industries.  The Company listed on the OTCBB under the symbol NEIK in 2000 and is currently trading on OTC Markets.


Northstar began operations in the late 1990’s by developing an innovative underwater sonar system for the international commercial fishing industry.  Shortly after, in 2000, the Company was awarded a contract from Lockheed Martin MS2 for the assembly of Command and Control consoles for the Canadian Navy’s submarines.  This was followed by Northstar being invited to be a junior partner on Lockheed Martin’s team for the pursuit of a $3.2B military helicopter contract. This venture opened new relationships for Northstar within their company.

Lockheed Martin then contracted Northstar to develop and build the underwater portion of an anti-terrorism sonar system, designed to protect aircraft carriers and other ships of the US Navy from terrorist diver attacks.  This was a major effort and Northstar successfully accomplished the work in the required short timeframe.  

Lockheed Martin subsequently awarded Northstar the first of two contracts, together worth approximately $16M, to manufacture a number of small mechanical parts for C130 (Hercules) aircraft that were being refurbished. Also, a subsidiary of L3 Communications awarded Northstar a contract, which grew to about $4M, to manufacture Command and Control consoles for navy frigates.  Northstar’s revenues reached over $4M in 2009.   

Our efforts over the past year have been aimed at turning Northstar around and injecting new energy into it. We are now working to expand into aviation manufacturing and distribution.


We have recently joined with Sealand Aviation Ltd. to create an exciting new joint venture in aviation manufacturing - NorthstarSealand Ltd. (NSL). Both corporations have many years of experience in working with certified commercial aircraft and government military contracts.

NSL is working to finalize arrangements to assemble, certify, manufacture,service, repair, and market a new turboprop single engine commercial aircraft for the North American market. Financial and contractual arrangements are expected to be in place soon with first sales orders and production following.  We will provide updates as they become available.

We also expect contract work this year in the sonar field from a European defense company for which we have carried out several assignments in the past year. The European company specializes in naval sonar systems and shipboard systems such as Command and Control and communications. We know the sonar business well and made solid profits with it in the past.

One of our key activities right now is to get Northstar current with its SEC reporting in as short a time frame as possible and return to the OTCQB.

Once we achieve our objectives, we believe that the stock price will respond favorably and that it could reach a reasonable and stable price range. From there, assuming the Company performs on the bottom line, we foresee getting back to the much higher share price levels of a few years ago, based on continuing business growth.


Northstar is currently raising US$325,000 through a Preferred Share offering. The funds will be used to complete the work required to become current with the Company’s SEC filings, to return to the OTCQB trading platform, and for working capital  for the current phase of our new aviation business. The investment offering is comprised of a limited quantity of convertible Preferred C class shares, each share with a purchase price of US$1.00 and a face value of US$1.50, a 10% annual dividend,   and 15 warrants. The Preferred shares are convertible to common shares.  The term of the warrants is 2 years with an exercise price of US$0.015.

For details on this stock offering (Term Sheet, Subscription Agreement, Examples of Return On Investment) and our aviation business venture, please call:
Dr. Wilson Russell,
Northstar Electronics, Inc.
Cell:  (778) 838-3313
Emails: wrussell @ or willrussell @


About Northstar Electronics Inc.


Northstar has a long history of developing and manufacturing defense and commercial electronic and mechanical systems. The company is now being restructured to go forward with a renewed focus on the development of a new aviation business and carry out work to develop innovative sonar systems. In addition to a small number of internal personnel, Northstar's new business model utilizes outside expert associates to ensure that we have world class talent working on our projects.

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